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Hey everyone,

finally I've also been again on a German convention XD!
This time we had many many foreign friends as our guests :D!
Thanks a lot to :iconyayacosplay: :iconsumikins: :iconrynnnn: from the USA, :iconyoshusheep: :iconsamietheturtle: :iconthelupin: :iconlillyndk: from Denmark, :iconalsquall: from Mexico, Gabriela from Brazil and Sami from Finland to visit our lovely convention.
It was an honor to have you all around :heart:

Well beside preparing stuff for WCS and taking photos for WCS there was not that much left, coz the time was limited XD; personal best day was Sunday. I really enjoyed watching the WCS preliminary for Germany.
Congratulations to the winners :iconkairi-heartless: and :iconchiisaisaku: :heart:!!!

I'm glad some cosplayers already use my photos on can see a few here:
xxxholic: Maru and Moro by Amapolchen xxxholic - One Winged Butterflies by aco-rea Let the dream begin... by Kairi-Heartless FFX: Yuna and Shiva by e-l-y-n-n

you can see the complete gallery here --->…

more examples....
WCS 2013 preliminary Germany - Angel Sanctuary WCS 2013 preliminary Germany - Fushigi Yuugi WCS 2013 preliminary Germany - Grandia WCS 2013 preliminary Germany - Sailor Moon WCS 2013 preliminary Germany - Puella Madoka Magika WCS 2013 German preliminary Winners WCS 2013 German preliminary Winners

I was wearing my Saber costume on Saturday, bit only the dress and not the armors. It was crazily WARM and the dress alone is already super hot (it's made out of velvet. also Saber wears white pants under her dress). I just wanted to have a relaxing convention and talk to some friends. So it made me really sad that nearly everybody asked where my armors are. Seriously, the dress alone was already too hot! to wear a leather corsage and full body armors would have been seriously crazy for just hanging out with a bunch of friends. Sorry that i disappointed everybody with not being in full body armors in 30°C >___>.

I was really glad that I had a small costume for Sunday. I was busy with taking photos from the morning to the late evening. So i wore my Aya Natsume costume:
Tenjo Tenge - Aya Natsume by Calssara Tenjo Tenge - Aya Natsume II by Calssara Tenjo Tenge - Aya Natsume III by Calssara

Well I hope I disappointed not everybody v.v....
  • Watching: Yu-Gi-Oh LOL
  • Drinking: tea (again and again and again XD)
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Medowsweet Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012
It's great that you also took all these pictures of the cosplayers who competed. :D They all look absolutely gorgeous. But also the photography for all of them is really good! :heart: Every preliminary should do this. o.O (not like in the Netherlands where we only have a crappy mobile phone picture haha xD)
Calssara Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
oh yeah, before I offered to do this shooting with all WCS teams, we also only had crappy photos. when my partner *Lumis-Mirage and I won for the first time in 2009 we had a super odd and embarrassing stage photo, taken with a crappy digi cam, as our "team shot" that was used by TV Aichi T_T....really awful. I wanted to give every team at least 3 nice photos of their costumes on the preliminary day <3. they were all so good in posing that it took only 1-3 minutes to make the shooting with each team ^^.

Oh I seriously want to come to Animecon next year to see the competition. Maybe I shall offer Niels to make the same shooting with the participants in NL as well :D
Medowsweet Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2012
ahh mann. Then you totally know my and Sophie's problem this year with our 'team shot'. Ours was also used by TV Aichi. even in the opening. D:

It's really great you made those photos of them. <3

Wow!! It would be great if you come to Animecon! :D I am certain that all the WCS participants would love to have a shoot like that. :heart: And everyone would also love to meet you. I suppose if you talk to Niels about it, you could be really concidered a special guest. :heart: You did win the ECG 2012 after all. ;)
xxxStarlaxxx Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2012
Hello dear ^^
Happy you had such a wonderful time. Pictures look just plain Awesome :) and so happy you met your friends :) and congrats for those who won the cosplaysummit :) I'm sure they will do their best :) ^_^
Nasuminaosami Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Too sad I was too shy to talk to you,since I really love your work ;u;.. Maybe next year i'll be more confident to talk to a great cosplayer like you.
YurikoCosplay Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Oh, Grandia cosplay! I habe immer so gerne damit gespielt! *-*
Du machst sehr schöne Fotos!
Und Aya steht dir echt gut, Tenjou Tenge ist cool :heart:
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