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February 17, 2013


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Hello everyone <3~~

I'm back from Madrid in Spain and have some photos and stories to share with you. Watch only the photos or read my crap as well haha XDDD it's all up to you <3.

First of all, it was CRAZILY COLD!!! OMG was like 5°C, but the crazily ICY wind made it ways colder.
The day we arrived, we had a really lovely dinner together with our friends from WCS Team Spain 2012 (<3!!), KamuiCosplay and her husband and met some new Spanish friends <3. Thanks a lot to Alberto to organize this dinner *hugs*.


First convention day! I wore my new Archbishop costume from Ragnarok Online together with Elffi as Shura :heart:
(I'm still not confident with my costume ;O;, but I had much fun wearing it ^^).
We went to a photoshooting with our sweet photographer Taichia (… who tried her best to take some pretty shots during a very gray and windy day >___<;!

Archbishop and Shura (Ragnarok Online)  Archbishop (Ragnarok Online) Shura (Ragnarok Online)  Archbishop and Shura (Ragnarok Online) Archbishop and Shura (Ragnarok Online) Archbishop and Shura (Ragnarok Online)

after we finished the shooting we went (totally frozen) to the convention hall :D!
Sadly we took too long and missed to judge the parade cosplay competition ,_, ... fuuu~
Also because of some problems in the organization our photography workshop got canceled as well as our press interviews on this day. So the only thing we could do was walking around and taking some photos with friends and fans. So we have now quiet a lot of those XDDD.

Well first of all, some impressions of the con :D!

madrid (21) madrid (17) madrid (16) madrid (14)

Also they had many really cute stands there that sold all kinds of stuff *_*~

madrid (23) madrid (18) madrid (15)

Because there was nothing much to do we took some fun photos with this cute Angeling we got lend from my friend Estefania <3
Archbishop (Ragnarok Online) Archbishop and Shura (Ragnarok Online)

and we took many photos with friends *_*

madrid (10) madrid (8) madrid (6) madrid (4) madrid (3) madrid (1)

I was really happy to meet my friends from ECG Team Spain again <3! Greetings here also to new ECG Team Spain who will be in Paris this year *_*! i'll cheer for them :heart:! I'm also glad that so many people we talked to before the convention actually really appeared on the con, so we could talk to them. In general, everybody treated us really nicely ^___^!


On Sunday we actually had some press conference on the stage were we got introduced to the people (maybe that would have been better on Saturday lol). I'm happy we had so many listeners ^^~
Also on that day, we were judges for the cosplay competition. I was very entertained by the show XDDD. I specially really loved the Sword Art Online pair *_*, the amazing girls with the wings and the street fighter crossover group with the crazy cat lady from the Simpsons XDD.
If anyone uploaded the videos on youtube, please let me know <3! I would love to share them with my followers!

Here some photos from the conference on the stage together with Kamui, Alesandro and Elffi :D

600727_10151234294556533_1863850828_n 539815_10151234291541533_1899553257_n

and a lovely group photo of my favorities <3 and the judges :D


On that day I wore my Zakuro costume first, and after that my Momoi :D. Glad I could take some photos with the other cosplay guests <3. Thanks to KamuiCosplay, Elffi and Alesandro <3. Happy that I could be there with those lovely people!

madrid (25) madrid (29) madrid (28)

We also got some really nice food *_*! I loved the waffle fishis with caramel <3
madrid (24)

a special point in my report will go to Maria <3! I am so happy that i could finally meet her *____* (She's even more beautiful in real life, than on pictures :heart:)
madrid (31) madrid (32)

I changed clothes and wore my Momoi for a bit <3. Such a comfy costume *_*. I was already looking forward to take a photo with Sasu as Kuroko <3 and to take some photos with Elffi as Kagami. Thanks to amazing Nebulaluben and Erik who helped us during a shooting with Jesus Clares ( we could get some pictures of those costumes as well. He is totally amazing! We just had like 20 minutes in icy wind and rain and he still managed to take some nice photos of us ;O;! OMG thank you so much <3!!!
Also it was a big honor to meet Nebulaluben finally <3....she's my very favorite, Spanish cosplayer :heart:

madrid (34) madrid (33)

And here some photos of amazing Jesús Clares :heart: <3!

Taiga Kagami and Satsuki Momoi (Kuroko no Basuke) Taiga Kagami (Kuroko no Basuke) Satsuki Momoi (Kuroko no Basuke) Taiga Kagami and Satsuki Momoi (Kuroko no Basuke) Taiga Kagami and Satsuki Momoi (Kuroko no Basuke)

soooo long report end <3! I hope you liked some of the pictures. I would have loved to take more photos of other Cosplayers as well, but the location was just not pretty enough for some REAL shoots ad it was too icy cold T_T~~~
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  • Drinking: tea (again and again and again XD)
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greaty!!!))) love your pictures! nice job:)
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Yaaaaay!! I'm so happy that you like the Japan Weekend ^^! And thank you for post our pic >o<!! Is so awesome *-*! Well! See you in Franceeee!! I'm impatient
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Hi, I am the one who nobody realized I was there
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hahaah XDDDDD well hope you had a ncie con anyways :3
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Yeah, of course I had! But everytime I read a report from the con I can't help but joking about how I was something like a ghost there :P
Miyazawa-Lulu Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I so wished I could've been there ;_; But I'm glad you enjoyed the con and had the chance to meet such wonderful people and make lovely photos of the experience ^^
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ohh it was really lovely <3...hope to meet you next time!
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